Winter 2013

1304-33 02

Winter 2013 Showcase Finalist: Asia Smith, Courtnee White, Tyler Mayle, Justin Ashby, Heather Bowers, Josh Brown, Lucy Williams, Ty Moore, Abby Evans, and Stewart Williams

Asia Smith The Power of One
Courtnee White Going Natural
Tyler Mayle Die Macht der Sprache
Justin Ashby Facebook
Heather Bowers Standing Up for the Pledge of Allegiance
Josh Brown Effects of Violent Video Games Persuasive
Lucy Williams The Bitter Truth Persuasive
Ty Moore Be Where You Are
Abby Evans A New R-Word
Stewart Williams Social Media Persuasive

Winter 2013 Showcase Semi-finalist: Heather Patino, Tyler Hill, Nate Monson, Aria Crawford, Chase Benson, Alex Kulpinski, Carole Mae Lippard, and Corey Blanchet


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