Stephanie Freeman

Stephanie Freeman, Director

Stephanie has a successful background in competitive speech and has taught courses at BYU since 1990. Currently, as the supervisor of the speech program, she oversees faculty teaching, training, class scheduling, course curriculum, the “Y Speak” website, and the Biannual Donald Sloan Speech Showcase. Stephanie teaches the STDEV 150 Public Speaking course both on campus and to students from around the world through BYU’s Independent Study program.  She has taught communication skills to government organizations, management teams, college faculty, science and engineering student teams, boy scouts, and thousands of college students. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Speech and Rhetoric in 1989 from Brigham Young University and a Master’s in Communications in 1992. Stephanie empathizes with students who have to work hard at learning speech skills or who suffer from anxiety. She was painfully shy throughout her youth and worked diligently to succeed in speaking. Her experience with speech competition started in high school where she eventually placed first in state for both Impromptu and DECA; placing fourth at nationals.  She was an active member of BYU’s nationally ranked debate team (1985-87), where she won many awards and earned 5th place speaker at CEDA nationals her second year. She then served a full time mission for the LDS church in Frankfurt, Germany (1987-88). She loves to serve others and is actively involved in her community where she serves as a Boy Scout committee chair, merit badge counselor, and a CERT member. She also volunteers as the head music librarian for the talented Lyceum Philharmonic Orchestra; so she can be supportive of her participating children and musical friends. She is a lifetime learner. She enjoys literature, music, educational research, current events, learning new technology, gardening, homemaking, educating her children, laughing, dark European chocolate, and spending time with her family. She and her loving husband, Peter, have four children.


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