Winter 2011

Tanner Jones The Death Spiral of Dating Persuasive
Brad Masters The Killing Fields Persuasive
Joe Clifton The Silent Killer Informative
Jordan D. Hughes The Pirates of Heber J. Grant Persuasive
Mark D. Larson The Speech Speech Informative
James Nnah The Legal Killer Persuasive
Aaron Powell Y Park at BYU Persuasive
Timothy D Colvin Isn’t it about time Persuasive
Isaac Calvert Postponing Perparedness: A College Student’s Guide to Emergency Preparedness Persuasive
Jason Richard Ockey Our Moral Obligation Persuasive
Mitchell Dela Cruz Dream! Inspirational
Krista J. Roy In 7 Days Informative
Heather Wilson Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Persuasive
Anne Wellington-Mallory Going Green Persuasive
Chelsea Howell Eating What You Think: Nutrition Labels and How To Read Them Informative
Sophia Meurs How to Save a Life Informative
Brittany Sumsion In God We Trust: A Call to Raise Our Voice Persuasive

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