Winter 2009

Timothy C. Brownrigg The Cost of Care Persuasive
Krystofer Gardner The High Price of Staying Connected Persuasive
Jordan C. Bledsoe How to Make People Like You Persuasive
Sean C. Derenthal TDC: A Few Letters That Bring a Big Change! Persuasive
James Parker Kaiser IV Society’s Forgotten Persuasive
Jacob Brown Appreciating Differences Persuasive
Makayla C. Steiner Sticks and Stones Persuasive
Steven Larson Flu Shot: It May Not Be What You Think Persuasive
Jared Halley Feeling More Alive Tribute
Megan Lo They Do Not Love that Do Not Show Their Love Persuasive
Eduardo Zanatta Failure is Part of Success Persuasive
Kalle Harnos Wake Up To Sleep Persuasive
Jay M. Holbrook Use Garlic to Improve Your Health Persuasive
Mary K. Stephens The Beauty and Usefulness of Ice Informative
Andrew Godard Fight for Decency Persuasive
Lauren Goff Unalienable Rights Persuasive
Mickey Schaertl The Standard of Truth Persuasive

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