Winter 2008

Marissa Schenk Serve While You’re Learning Persuasive
Collin Lewis The Scariest Thing You’ll Touch Today Persuasive
Steen Sargent It’s Time to Clean Up Sports Persuasive
Ethan Busby An Answer to America’s Medical Mess Persuasive
Micheal Wong Network Neutrality – In Defense of Democracy Persuasive
Daniel Tanner Night Safety Persuasive
Jud Kennedy Go Green Persuasive
Jordan Hintze It’s a dirty, dirty world out there! Persuasive
Rodger Simpson Seize the Day Inspirational
Chase Walker Give a Little Bit Persuasive
Ben Hubbard Bicycling is Great Informative
Nathan Hammer In Advocacy of Advertising Persuasive
David L. Groth STEP Persuasive
Kalyan Upadhyaya Marvelous Nepal Persuasive
Brad Miller Black English: Is you, or is you ain’t a language? Persuasive

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