Winter 2007

Julie Radmall A Wee Bit o’ Irish Info Informative
David Jackson Goodsell PMA: Positive Mental Attitude Persuasive
Becky Lee The Importance of Hand Washing Persuasive
Stace Hall Lovin’ It Informative
Erik Bermudez Benefits of Public Transportation Persuasive
Benjamin King Protect the Children Persuasive
Meghan Morgan The Effects of Depression and the Benefits of Seeking Help Persuasive
Katie Younger Turning Point Persuasive
Brenton King Freestyle Walking Inspirational
Trevor Heaney Credit–Key to Your Success Informative
Drew Whitmill Impossible? Speech to Entertain
Joel Rodriguez A Thoughtless Commitment Persuasive
John Paul Chong Making that Awkward Eye-Contact on Campus Speech to Entertain
Patrick Perkins Make Time to Have Fun Inspirational
Gregory Pomazal The Power of Plastic Persuasive
Eric Volmar Few Times in History Tribute
Brigham Woods The Most Precious Things Tribute

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