Fall 2009

Shamae Budd Unlocking a Child’s Potential Persuasive
Tessa Witt Too High a Cost Persuasive
Stephanie Slauson Please Close the Lid Persuasive
Riley Christensen A Key to Your Past Persuasive
Craig Hanks Affirmative Action in Action Persuasive
Sarah Klopp The Declining Morality of Teens Today Persuasive
Amy Hansen Therapeutic Horseback Riding Informative
Mike Sare What a Condiment Can Say About a Person Persuasive
Mariana Toledo Let Us Shine Inspirational
Whitney Maw Life’s Lessons Informative
Donovan Sanchez Love to Give Inspirational
Addie Lyman Journaling Persuasive
Brock Luker The Blessings of Service Persuasive
Greg Livingston In Defense of a Nation Persuasive
Aaron McKell The Next Generation of Phones Persuasive
Ryan Beck Political Involvement Persuasive
Blake Stanger Cycling Solves Problems Persuasive

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