Fall 2008

Stephanie Smith A Treasure from the South Informative
Danielle Gilley Becoming a Super Hero Persuasive
Laura A. Wadsworth Broken is Beautiful Persuasive
Allison Landes Securely Insecure Persuasive
Hailey Holt The Tap Project Persuasive
Stephen Blunck Tiny Time and Friends Persuasive
Carly Laga The Truth About Breast Augmentation Persuasive
Cami VanDerwerken Laughter is the Best Medicine Persuasive
Cammie Johnson Sing Me English Informative
Hyrum Salmond The Cancer of the Free Market Persuasive
Amy Reichman Donate Blood, Donate Life Persuasive
Chelsie Fuller The Power of Media Persuasive
Rebecca Boyd Media and the Denigration of Men Persuasive
Joseph Nance Changes We Needed Persuasive
Andrew Hansen Divinely Assigned Marriages Persuasive
C.B. Misbach The Problem of Change Persuasive
Mike Adams The Divine Nature of the Constitution Persuasive
Chase Willardson Smile, Laugh, Be Alive Persuasive

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