Fall 2007

Ty Brown No Need to Fear…or is there? Persuasive
Stephen Dutcher How Should I Pay for My Mortgage Informative
Adam Nako A-B-C, It’s Easy as 1-2-3 Persuasive
James Wadsworth Life is a Treadmill Inspirational
Elizabeth Rhondeau The One Skill You Need Persuasive
Laren Helms Can We Cure Poverty by Raising the Minimum Wage? Persuasive
Zachary Oates Behold, the Power of One Inspirational
Rachel Fairclough The Key To Greatness Inspirational
Scott Cowley 7up and Cracker Jacks Inspirational
Adrian Pepper Three things to watch out for when buying a new house Informative
Matthew M. Peterson Anyone Can Sing Informative
Corey Smith Make the most of your BYU experience Persuasive
Casey Pehrson Piggy Bank Persuasive
Rachel Ricchio Drunk Driving Persuasive
Shannen Skousen Invisible Children Persuasive
Kallene Cutler The Magic Words Persuasive
Nathan D. Harris The Shadows of the Mountains Tribute

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