Fall 2006

Nicholas Nelson Men Without Chests Speech to Inspire
W. Luke McCausland Exercise Today for Tomorrow Persuasive
David R. Jackson Marriage: It’s What Brings Us Together Persuasive
Johnathan Goodsell Improve Each Shining Moment Speech to Inspire
Ben Williamson Columbus and the Flat Earth Myth Informative
Lisa Tate An Isolated Generation Persuasive
Kimberly Edman Utah Helmet Law Persuasive
V. Andrew C. Rudolph Such as I Have, Give I Thee: Organ Donation Persuasive
Nate Shields Ski Patrol Informative
Jason Smith Life in the Real West Wing Informative
Amanda Fellingham Beware Low-Carbohydrate Diets Persuasive
Keith Crossley The Best Looking You Persuasive
Cliff Parkinson Misconceptions about the Bible Informative
Erika Richards What’s Your Story? Eulogy
Amy Johnson Isn’t That What a Sister is For? Tribute
Lance Evanson Smile an Everlasting Smile Speech to Inspire

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