Representative Requirements

If you have been chosen to represent your class, congratulations! You are now a semi-finalist! As a semi-finalist you will need to submit your speech recording to the showcase selection committee. They will independently score each semi-finalist to determine the top speakers for the final showcase. As a class representative, you must meet ALL eligibility requirements to be considered by the selection committee.  If you fail to meet the deadlines or requirements you will not be invited to speak:

  • You must submit your information to the Speech Showcase Google Survey Form two weeks prior to the showcase. After you submit your response to the above form you will receive the information needed to successfully participate in the semifinal event.
  • You are required to turn in a digital video recording of your speech. This can be done on a personal webcam in class, at home, or at the HBLL media center. Your video will need to be posted on your YouTube channel but do not title it with your name, only the title of your speech. Send the video link of your speech recording before the semifinal deadline to
  •  You are also required to turn in a detailed full-sentence outline or manuscript, even if you are speaking extemporaneously.  A bibliography must be attached to the outline/manuscript (sources are required for informative and persuasive speeches).
  • If you are using visuals, they will need to be clearly seen in the recording or you will need to submit them as an attachment to
  • Your speech should be a 5 minute persuasive, motivational, inspirational, or informative (if your speech is more than 30 seconds over, it will not be considered for the showcase).  It must be tasteful and professional in topic, language, and presentation. It is advised that you adapt your presentation to a BYU audience. Some humor is good and encouraged, if appropriate, but topics need to be of substance, not frivolous or offensive. Your speech must be your original work and will be checked for plagiarism.  Your digital recording and outline will be reviewed by our selection committee: Sloan Speech Showcase Review Sheet.

All semifinalist and finalists will be invited to the dinner and receive awards. Please arrive 10 minutes early. Dress professionally, as pictures will be taken prior to the dinner. After the dinner, we will all attend the final showcase. Only finalists will speak at the showcase but both semifinalist and finalist will be recognized.

If you are chosen by the selection committee as a finalist to present at the speech showcase:

  • If using the computer for visuals, you must email them 4 days prior to the showcase.
  • The program will be digitally recorded and posted on the speech website. You need to sign the Videoreleaseform prior to the beginning of the showcase.
  • If anything special is needed or you have questions about the showcase, please contact Stephanie Freeman at

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