Winter 2006

Val R. McQuiston Duty & Rights Persuasive
Jordan Leigh Francis Dining Out Persuasive
Janessa Erekson Chocolate Inspirational
Kiera Cheri Staples Brighter Smile Persuasive
Kemarie Campbell Extraordinary You Persuasive
Rissa Wetzel Psychotropic Drugs Persuasive
Jacob R. Kirkham Rap Music Persuasive
Cameron Nelson Organ Donation Persuasive
Nicole Saltzman Choose Fun Inspirational
Andy Phillips Tribute to Tammy Tribute
Rachel Robinson Advertising Informative
Craig Cannon Federal Spending Informative
Matthew G. Svedin Nuclear Storage Persuasive
Kirk Carpenter Global Warming Persuasive
Benjamin Smith Invisible Children Persuasive
Samuel Talley Adolescent Trials Persuasive
Josh Brasher Organ Donation Persuasive
Mic Badylak Metric System Entertain
Clay Allred Rock Climbing Informative

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