Kurt Mortensen

Kurt Mortensen is one of America’s leading authorities on persuasion, motivation, and influence. He has devoted nearly 20 years to understanding and teaching the traits, habits, and mindset of exceptional achievers. A highly sought after consultant, trainer, seminar leader, and speaker, he excels at combining scientific research with real-world studies and timeless stories to inform, entertain, and inspire audiences. He has shared the stage with Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Tom Hopkins and Jim Rohn. He is also the author of several books, including Maximum Influence (AMACOM; 2004), which has been translated into 10 languages. Mortensen earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications/Advertising from Brigham Young University in 1992 and an MBA in Marketing and Consumer Behavior from the University of Pittsburgh in 1993. Then, realizing he hadn’t learned the critical skill of per­suasion in college, he set out to educate himself. He attended scores of negotiation and sales seminars, read thousands of studies on human behavior and social psychology, and listened to every audiotape or CD on persuasion-related topics he could find. He sat through innumerable sales presentations, consumer intercepts, and surveys. He sought out top professional persuaders to learn what makes them tick, and monitored their im­pact on audiences as well. He also scrutinized telemarketing scripts, witnessed closes, and endured offensive old-school tactics. After a decade of amassing research and assessing results, Mortensen wrote PERSUASION IQ: The 10 Skills You Need to Get Exactly What You Want (AMACOM; June 12, 2008), Mortensen puts the secrets of persuasion within easy reach of anyone with the desire and drive to fulfill his or her greatest potential. Kurt Mortensen is also the author of other programs: Perfect Persuasion, Power Negotiation, Persuasive Presentations and Millionaire Psychology, among other books. Take your Persuasion IQ and visit his websites: www.persuasioniq.com,www.persuasioninstitute.com, and http://www.kurtmortensen.com.


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