Fall 2012

Hayley Shauklas It Can Wait
Jeehee Scoville A Saving Tradition
Conner Ruggio Financial Literacy at BYU
Tayla Salvese True Patriotism
Evan Griffin Knocking Down Walls
Alexis Flake Cuba: Isn’t it About Time Persuasive
Baley Van Wagonerg Texting Trouble Persuasive
Devon Dewey The Best of Games
Mindy Ashton Zzzzz

1212-05 09Fall 2012 Showcase Finalist: Mindy Ashton, Devon Dewey, Alexis Flake, Evan Griffin, Conner Ruggio, Tayla Salvesen, Jeehee Scoville, Hayley Shauklas, Baley Van Wagoner

1212-05 14

Fall 2012 Showcase Semi-finalist:Zachary Baird, Natalie Crane, Cory Jones, Kelly Lau, Mackenzie Liddiard, Whitney Minnick, Calli Nielsen, Kayla Overfelt, Natalie Siversten, Paul Starita

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