Elain Witt

Shakespeare opined that “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Not this wit. Considered loquacious and long-winded since childhood, Elain Witt has pursued a lifelong path of improving her ability to communicate effectively and efficiently (more the former than the latter). Her rhetorical skills have been used to support political candidates, alter school curricula, sell ice cream machines, change state laws, teach early morning seminary, and motivate BYU students to become effective communicators themselves. Her experience in live radio and television brings an added dimension to the classroom that her students seem to enjoy. There is always a good story waiting to be told.

Elain earned a BA in American Studies from Chapman University and an MA in Mass Communication from BYU. Her master’s thesis, Reclaiming a Sacred Domain: An Ethnographic Study of Mormon Women Overcoming the Media-Supported Message of Acceptable Birth Practice Through Giving Birth at Home, is more interesting and less wordy than the title would have you think. It emerged from her own experience of giving birth to three of her five children at home.

Inspired by her BYU students who noted the lack of a book on speaking in sacrament meeting, she wrote Amen: Speaking in Church with Purpose and Peace. Since then she has given numerous presentations on the topic, including speaking at Campus Education Week.Elain’s dramatic side is seen each November as she interprets the character of a Mayflower passenger for various schools and civic groups in authentic pilgrim attire. She is currently involved in writing a relationship book, a health book, and her personal history based on the letter “p”.Elain has lived in five different states, four different time zones, and has traveled across the world with her globe-trotting adventure guide husband, Greg (MOB 1978). If you get up early, you may catch her on a morning hike of the “Y”.


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