Marie Clegg Jones

The Marie Clegg Jones Award was established by her son, G. Kevin Jones, in 2006, to honor her lifetime accomplishments and service. Marie was the first woman on the Men’s Varsity Debate Team in 1948; setting a new standard for women in debate and public address. As an excellent debater and extemporaneous speaker, she traveled throughout the country. In 1950 Marie was chosen by faculty and students at BYU to speak as the student body representative at the 75th year BYU Diamond Jubilee Convocation. To her surprise, the topic of her address was covered by the previous speakers. She therefore discarded her prepared remarks and delivered an impromptu speech entitled, “Gold, Glory, and Gospel,” which earned her a standing ovation. Marie used her voice in many leadership roles and paved the way for better values and understanding throughout the world. Marie was privileged to live with her husband, a foreign service officer and university professor and their three sons in Jogjakarta, Indonesia and Lahore, Pakistan. In Lahore, MMarieJones_03arie taught the first university co-ed course in that nation, instructed high level government officials in oral communication, and was elected to the prestigious position of President of the American Women’s Club. Awards given in her name affirm the power of one’s voice in building a better world.


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