Fall 2011

Erika Nash Channel Success Persuasive
Tyson Anderson Innuendo in Music Persuasive
Rachael Davis The Great Escape Persuasive
Micah Melville The Smile Brigade Persuasive
Monica Hawkes Do What You Love Inspirational
Nathan Crapo The Dating Game Persuasive
Rebecca Wynn It Will Never Happen to Me Persuasive
Stephen Jensen Cold Nights and Concrete Inspirational
Sarah E. Fairweather She Didn’t Quit Inspirational
Cragun Liston Losers Persuasive
Robert Huckvale Twitter Persuasive
Jacob Pilling Is It Too Early? Persuasive
Matt Karlsven Take Another Class Persuasive
Chris Wasden The Facebook Fast Persuasive
Jennifer Lin Sorge Educating Women Informative
Gregory C. Pyper Jr. One Driver’s License at a Time Persuasive
Ashley Roberts Time – The Elixer of Life Informative
Taylor Ipsen Grandma’s Is The Best Persuasive

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